Management Committees

The overall management of the Association is vested in the Executive Committee.

Day-to-day running of the Pavilion and playing fields is the responsibility of the Member Services Committee.

Committee Dates for 2015-16

MSC : Wed 8th April 2015 (6.30pm)

OPA Exec : Thurs 14th May 2015 (7.30pm)

MSC : Wed 10th June 2015 (7pm)

MSC : Wed 8th July 2015 (7pm)

OPA Exec : Thurs 13th August 2015 (7.30pm): Forecasting Meeting For Financial Year Ahead

MSC : Wed 9th September 2015 (7pm)

MSC : Wed 14th October 2015 (6.30pm)

OPA Exec: Thursday 12th November 2015 – (7.30pm): review of ‘audited’ full year finances

MSC : Wed 9th December 2015 (6.30pm)

MSC : Wed 13th January 2016 (6.30pm)

OPA AGMThursday 25th February 2016 (7.30pm) N.B. please note the new date!

MSC : Wed 9th March 2016 (6.30pm)


*Times subject to change.

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