From Old to Oakfield

The Old Parkonians Cricket Club changed its name to Oakfield Parkonians CC in February 2014.

The reasons are that:

  1. The Old Parks had moved ‘home’ ground several times since inception in 1906. The Club is now settled in Oakfield sports fields, with great facilities and a first rate Pavilion. Changing the name to “Oakfield” signals the resolve of the Club to continue to support community sport throughout Redbridge and beyond.
  2. OPCC is a family, community club. Apart from the large colts’ membership, the senior teams are also typically young, not “old” and there are many women members. Being a modern club, it became apparent that the “old boys’ name is no longer appropriate.
  3. The change reflects what the Club has become – an entirely “open” club, welcoming members of all ages and ability levels from all sections of the community. Indeed, this has been the constitution for a decade and the “label on the tin” (the name of the Club) will now reflect this.
  4. Retaining the ‘Parkonians’ part of the name preserves the Club’s important ongoing and historical links with ICHS and the Old Parkonians Association, and continues to reflect its sporting and friendly ethos.

Still “Parkonians”…just not so “old”!

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